Romantic trip over Vladivostok

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Give your feelings and arrange for your loved ones a romantic flight in a heart-shaped balloon!


In the warm season (April 15 – October 15), the start of departure: 6.00 AM in the morning, 6:00 PM in the evening. During this period of the year, in the daytime there is an increased solar activity, which forms the appearance of powerful ascending and descending flows due to uneven heating of the earth, which makes a balloon flight poorly controlled. In winter, balloon flights are carried out throughout the daylight hours.

Your route:

  • Meeting in Vladivostok on Russky Island (the landmark is Rosneft filling station), 1 hour before departure. The meeting place may vary depending on the weather;
  • Safety instructions - 5 minutes;
  • A giant red heart shaped balloon;
  • Before the flight, you will have an opportunity to make the most beautiful photos against the background of an inflating balloon;
  • You can invite your photographer or operator. Time to prepare for takeoff: 20-40 minutes;
  • Balloon control by a professional and qualified pilot. The balloon flies with the wind at a pre-selected location. Travel time is 2 hour, distance is from 5 to 15 km, flight altitude is up to 2000 meters;
  • On the ground the ball is accompanied by our car with a team that keeps in touch with the pilot by radio;
  • According to the tradition of the XVIII century, after the flight, solemn initiation ceremony is held, with champagne and presentation of individual letters with the prescribed maximum height of your flight;
  • After the initiation ceremony, while the team collects the balloon, you can make a memorable photo with the pilot;
  • Free transfer from the landing site within the city can be discussed with the organizers on site.

What you need to take with you:

For a hot air balloon flight, it is best to dress in comfortable casual or sportswear according to the weather. Headwear is desirable at any time of the year. Gloves are needed if you wish to assist the team in preparing the hot air balloon for flight. In flight, the wind is not felt, as the ball moves with the air mass. We recommend waterproof shoes for morning flights in the warm season, because there may be dew on the launch site. For safety reasons, less flammable materials such as cotton are more preferable than synthetic materials. Be sure to take a camera or video camera with you or order professional photography from us. Due to the limited space in the basket, large bags or backpacks should be left in the in the car tracking the balloon.

Additional Information:

  • The route is laid by the pilot several hours before the flight;
  • Our morning flights during the awakening of the Earth and the Sun are extraordinarily beautiful. Evening flights allow you to enjoy the beautiful sunset. Both are interesting. Each balloon flight is unique and is remembered by all its participants for a long time;
  • Hot air ballooning, according to statistics is the safest of all existing aircrafts. The design of a hot air balloon is the most reliable of all aircraft, being in fact a large parachute. Controlling bodies conduct ongoing inspections of aviation equipment for the flight of hot air balloons. The philosophy of safe flying in aeronautics is as follows: there is nothing more dangerous than a fearless pilot. Therefore, if you are told that the flight is postponed due to weather conditions – treat this with understanding and respect;
  • Usually, hot air balloons fly up to several kilometers in height. It should be borne in mind that with altitude gaining, the air becomes more discharged, which affects the person and the work of the burners. It is considered safe to climb to an altitude of 3000-4000 meters (without the presence of oxygen equipment). During tourist flights, flight altitude depends on the desire of passengers and current weather conditions, but is limited by flight rules in the area of flights. Record-setting flights in hot air balloons can be carried out at an altitude of over 8000 meters;

Important information:

  • As with all aviation, weather is one of the most important aspects for safe ballooning. Rain, thunderstorms, wind on the ground or in the air are the reason for postponing the flight. There is a saying: Pilot's courage is to abandon the flight (in bad weather);
  • It is forbidden: to pull over any ropes and hoses, hang and sit on the sides of the basket, turn the valves, get in or get out of the basket without the permission of the pilot;
  • For safety, you must hold the rope loops on the sides of the basket, located on the inside. Before landing, bend your knees a little or squat down (as when jumping), while observing the moment of contact with the ground;
  • For landing, the pilot must select a field of sufficient size located on the flight path. The higher the surface wind speed, the larger the field must be in order not to fall on the obstacles. As it approaches the field, the shell stops heating, and the balloon starts to let down. The air from the shell is released through a special large-sized parachute valve. Landing with a strong wind gives an unusual experience. Upon contact with the earth, the ball begins to fall. At this point, you need to hold firm to the handles inside the basket until the balloon stops completely. Do not leave the basket in any case, without the permission of the pilot.

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